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  1. The Moog
    The Moog
    No winners this time on Takeshi's Castle.
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    2. MisterYuck
      That's right, Ken!
      Apr 13, 2021 at 12:20 PM
  2. The Moog
    The Moog
    "Stop saying that Withnail. Of course he's the fucking farmer." - Marwood
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  3. xSuicide Squadx
    xSuicide Squadx
    Hey. Even if I’m not into what you’re collecting, I’m very much into seein’ how stoked you are about what you’re into collecting.
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    2. xSuicide Squadx
      xSuicide Squadx
      @Bob I lurk just about every thread here. I may only post in the same handful, but it’s just ‘cause they’re what I collect and know. But I still enjoy goin’ through threads and seein’ everyone geek out over the vast variety of toys. It’s just cool to know peeps are happy with what they’ve acquired.
      Apr 8, 2021 at 1:44 AM
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    3. Grindingmachete
      Totally agree. Sold some toys recently to make some room, seeing friends excited to get said toys made me excited!! Very happy with the outcomes
      Apr 9, 2021 at 1:46 AM
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    4. xSuicide Squadx
      xSuicide Squadx
      @Grindingmachete Cool of you to go the way of moving the collection to friends first! I’m sure there were a lot of wants lists that shrunk just a bit because of your reaching out! Definitely a fun feeling to know you’ve made someone’s day, however that is!
      Apr 9, 2021 at 2:04 AM
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  4. The Moog
    The Moog
    If you plan to shoplift, let us know. Thanks.
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  5. toothaction
    "Shawshank is a stupid person's masterpiece"- Raanan Hershberg
  6. The Moog
    The Moog
    waterfowl were moving north before the sunset in the deep red galleries under the cloudbanks like schoolfish in a burning sea
  7. toothaction
    We’re kinda hoping that in the very final battle humility will be the weapon that defeats some kind of narcissistic dragon. - Fondue Zoobag
  8. toothaction
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    2. JoeMan
      69/yes please/your mom’s house
      Mar 28, 2021
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  9. The Moog
    The Moog
    Hya Hya Foowaah!!
  10. Anti Social Andy
    Anti Social Andy
    Tiny violins!
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  11. The Moog
    The Moog
    "Kurtan, there's a pair of old spiderman pants here with some skidders in 'em." - Kerry Mucklowe
  12. Patrickg2k
    I feel like they are setting up Godzilla for a big L but I really hope that ain't the case. Any predictions?
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    2. Headhunter
      He got his Jaw snapped in the original. If you look in the Non-vinyl American toy thread you can see what the actual threat is going to be. So I think they will team up.
      Mar 23, 2021
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    3. Waterbear
      The idea that a nuclear powered dragon shooting giant lasers would lose a fight to a monkey is pretty laughable. Kong had to be saved by humans in the last movie even though he was fighting a regular dinosaur. But american movies generally favor the american monster so my guess is Kong will win before they team up.
      Mar 24, 2021
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    4. Urk
      It's all the monkey meme hype. Godzilla's gonna get brained by kong
      Mar 24, 2021
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  13. Rayola
    dog sitting
  14. taviq
    I have bought more Tim Biskup this month than in the last ten years. And I still missed the gid helper
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    2. wingnut0
      The last time I was trying to track down the gid Helper was probably 10 years ago. I almost tried for it just for nostalgia's sake.
      Mar 19, 2021
    3. IzzyRodriguez
      It’s been lovely how he’s been posting toys again :) I was eyeing up the gid Helpers too!
      Mar 20, 2021
  15. Rayola
    Spring cleaning
  16. The Moog
    The Moog
    "I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven." - Norman Stansfield
  17. Arkturus
    Arkturus XVivaHateX
    Hey Viva. You and I used to talk a lot. I quit collecting about 6 years ago and now I am back. Hope all is well. Do you know if I sold my silver sprayed marusan godzilla here or was it ebay? Thanks
    1. C E
      C E
      Might wanna try the conversation feature: either from the top right of the page (envelope icon) or select 'Start a Conversation' from their profile page or under their name in any post ;)
      Mar 16, 2021
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    2. XVivaHateX
      Hey there, welcome back. No I cant say I remember. It was probably ebay. I dont remember any silver spray marusan gojis being sold on here.
      Mar 18, 2021
  18. Rayola
    Skinner skinner chicken dinner !! Lurker!!
  19. The Moog
    The Moog
    "Money can't buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery." - Spike Milligan
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    2. Anti Social Andy
      Anti Social Andy
      'Money can't buy you love.' - Christopher Marlowe . . . although it can buy you a 10 minute knee-trembler behind the town hall of a Friday night!
      Mar 16, 2021
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  20. xSuicide Squadx
    xSuicide Squadx
    I don’t collect Ggml sans fight figures, but I’m always happy to see people get stoked pre - Lucky Bag, & even more so when they get theirs.
  21. Anti Social Andy
    Anti Social Andy
    Oh brother! *eyeroll emoji*
  22. The Moog
    The Moog
    "All brontosauruses are thin at one end, much much thicker in the middle, and then thin again at the far end." - Anne Elk
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    2. C E
      C E
      Mar 7, 2021
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    3. The Moog
      The Moog
      That is my theory, the theory that is mine. Is mine.
      Mar 7, 2021
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  23. Rayola
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  24. Kerk1
    Tim Biskup fans - head to his site! Lots of old classics for sale at OG prices.
    1. taviq
      I have bought loads
      Mar 2, 2021
  25. The Moog
    The Moog
    "You can forget about Icy Tea and Scoopy Scoopy Dog Dog." - Father Ted
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