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  1. The Moog
    The Moog
    "Never better. Still very bad though." - Marvin the Paranoid Android
  2. The Moog
    The Moog
    i've been through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to be out of the rain
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  3. Rich
    Rich jl
    Are you taking offers on the giant ultra man ? Or are you firm ?
  4. The Moog
    The Moog
    Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal VS Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  5. trueadrn
    Feeew, almost forgot my password 8)
  6. Roger
    Meet me by the loading dock.
  7. Geobukgan
  8. toothaction
    "What right has my head to call itself me?"
  9. Geobukgan
    Sometimes I see a dolly that I want online and I can just smell it.
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  10. The Moog
    The Moog
    The sole Yokozuna and four Ozeki fell on the opening day of the Natsu Basho. The 15 days are sold-out. Exciting times for Sumo!
  11. toothaction
    "Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it."
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    2. Roger
      I found out that this is a quote from renowned bomber pilot Major T. J. "King" Kong.
      May 24, 2024
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  12. JoeMan
    Is there still a resin bootleg scene?
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    2. xSuicide Squadx
      xSuicide Squadx
      There will be if you start one up. ;)
      May 10, 2024
    3. Roger
      Yes, most of "the scene" centers around events held by Clutter and DKE Toys.
      May 13, 2024
  13. Roger
  14. The Moog
    The Moog
    Mork calling Orson.
    1. Anti Social Andy
      Anti Social Andy
      Nannoo nannoo!
      May 3, 2024
  15. Smotemotem
    Just noticed that Funko almost never comes up when I Google “Sofubi” these days.
    1. SpectralNight
      We've shamed them into the shadows.
      Apr 28, 2024
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  16. The Moog
    The Moog
    dearly beloved - we are gathered here today - to get through this thing called life
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  17. Smotemotem
    How hard is it to transition from painting Warhammer to painting Kaiju? For personal collection, not to sell...
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    3. SpectralNight
      You *might* get lucky with lacquer on some types of vinyl (clear and glow moldings could be more temperamental and be a huge mess). But if it’s enamel: that will almost definitely cause a horrible meltdown and leave a melty sticky mess forever.
      Apr 26, 2024
    4. SpectralNight
      So, yeah super risky. Would test on some flare trimmings first. But would mostly advise against it to be safe. I think it’s hard to find exactly what formulations are in rattle cans.
      Apr 26, 2024
    5. Smotemotem
      Thanks again! I’ll take no shortcuts. I have to decide whether it’s worth the $$$ to get the actual good paints (including clear coat), and keep far away if I can’t commit to that.
      Apr 26, 2024
  18. The Moog
    The Moog
    "Yeah, I do it all. Clampin, crimpin, occasional snippin." - Clamps
  19. JoeMan
    Name your price release for some blank mixed parts…bro
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    2. Anti Social Andy
      Anti Social Andy
      Don't 'bro' me unless you know me! :D
      Apr 10, 2024
  20. The Moog
    The Moog
    Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do.
  21. Geobukgan
    After grumpily deciding that the FFVI opera scene was annoying, I now find myself humming it while I work. Oddly comforting.
    1. HBCoffin
      Oh man, VI (III) was the first Final Fantasy I fell in love with back in the early ‘90s. That opera tune still resonates with me after all these years.
      Apr 4, 2024
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    2. SpectralNight
      nothing a purple octopus can't ruin.
      Apr 6, 2024
  22. HBCoffin
    My 17 month old daughter having learned to say "kaiju" and "Godzilla" makes me proud.
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  23. The Moog
    The Moog
    "If we moved in next door to you, your lawn would die." - Lemmy Kilmister
  24. The Moog
    The Moog
    "Just give me a taste. That's all I ever wanted from jump." - Rudy Pipilo
  25. HardDragon
    Finally taking a step into the world of soft vinyl. Much excited about my little monster GUS