Bay to Breakers run and how you can help kids in need.

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    Bay to Breakers run and how you can help kids in need.
    On May 17th San Francisco hosts the 98th annual Bay to Breakers 12k race. Myself and 2 other firefighters I work with are going to be running in the race and trying to raise money for a really great charity. The charity is the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation , a foundation that helps children who are burn survivors by offering counceling services , medical aid, and summer camps just to name a few things. Please check out their website , read some of their blog posts and ,if you can spare a few dollars, donate. I know times are hard rightnow, but any amount of donation will help the program continue to help these brave kids. Please let me know if you do donate so we can figure out how much money we are rasing for the charity. Thanks for taking the time to read this.-Jeremy

    Also any person/company/website that donates $100 dollars can have their logo placed on our running jerseys we are wearing the day of the race. I will also accept donations on behalf of the foundation and then turn them in, in the form of a cashiers check or money order made out to the foundation from you. Ill provide pics of the filled out money order or cashiers check so you know everything is legit.Also please feel free to contact the San Francisco office of the AARBF if you have any doubts about making a donation through me.Thank you.

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