criterion collection appreciation and news

Discussion in 'Whatever' started by sbbenhcs, Jan 25, 2012.

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    criterion collection appreciation and news
    So, about these fading media formats: I get that they intend to milk their existing licenses until eternity.. yet, imho, they should work it like this:
    1. any and all content should be hosted for access via a controlled platform of their choice
    2. sell me a temp or life-time access for x $, similar to what I'd pay if I've bought the disc
      1. this should include director's cut, commentary, special features
      2. the temp access, not like rental (none of the start within 30 day & finish in 2 day crap), but take your time, but get to enjoy it only once
    3. make any and all accompanying art work available as an option to deliver upon purchase, or online, same as special features
      1. shit, I'd pay extra for a hq poster of the Zeman pic
    I bet none of this is a novel idea, Netflix Amazon must have played with it. The tech is already a no brainer. If Criterions only cares about the $$$, so make them a deal, or they just dont wanna relax their greedy little claws?

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