Custom-Haters Forum?

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    Custom-Haters Forum?
    Despite what I said about (Bwana's?) One off Mibora up there, I do have to say my DIY ethics do come into play with everything I do, that includes toys... For me a production run is akin to that Stud belt you bought at hot-topic, vs the one off which is the one your buddy made for you in high school, that might not hold up as well, but you'll never get rid off, because he put his soul into that shit man...

    I can't get into anything without wanting to try my hand out at it... Photography, painting, making my own longboard, making toys, painting toys, etc... I even made a ton of clothes that I used to wear non-stop, I can't help it if I like something I immerse myself in it...

    I look at it like this, if some guy in a factory in Japan can zip out a thousand zags with a template, than I can paint one of them as well... What's happening in America kind of reminds me of that scene from Toypunks when BxH says something akin to "Why should we send out to China to get our toys made, we have vinyl factories here." I think that's where America is headed, especially with the Dollar falling hard against the yen... That said, you still can't beat Japan Vinyl...

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