Japan Sinks

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    Japan Sinks

    With the new Netflix anime out (which I highly recommend by the way), I thought this would be a good time to discuss the original Sakyo Komatsu novel, or the works which it influenced. While I have not read it, I would certainly be interested to.

    Firstly, the new animated series is definitely worth checking out. While not 'graphic' this is pretty dark and serious (almost Graveyard of the Fireflies level), but I really don't want to give out any spoilers as to plot - beyond what is already obvious. I won't say it was absolutely amazing, but I appreciated a lot about it, including some traditional anime stylings and execution. More than that though I think it really raises a lot of interesting concepts; many of which are sort of glossed over in the interest of entertainment and mass appeal, but they are most certainly there. I particularly liked the conversations around identity and connection. But all around good entertainment, and a worthy addition to the Japan Sinks legacy.

    Anyways, for people who don't know, the original novel was also actually turned into a film, Nihon chinbotsu (日本沈没), directed by Shiro Moritani and released in 1973. The great news here is I have dug up a subbed copy for anyone who wishes to enjoy it from the archive project:


    Following up on this, and actually why I decided to post this thread, is that I recently learned there was a follow up television series for Japan Sinks/"Submersion of Japan" from Toho studios, which broadcast ~26 episodes from 1974-1975. The TV show was thought lost for a long time, but recently has been uncovered once more. Some recent online chatter has led to me having access to some dug up episodes which are currently hosted online (as it is a private link I won't post publicly here for now, and to maintain its integrity).

    <So here is the ask, so to speak. I know some other members here, including @toothaction, @kichigai and others, have a strong connection with some online 'media' communities, and also really interested in tokusatsu, anime, etc. stuff, and all the many fansubbing efforts that have come along out of necessity with international fans trying to appreciate those many delights when not being fluent in Japanese. I gave a promise I'd see what I could do to help out. So just thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone does have any interested or connections which might contribute to the subbing of this project. If so, just drop me a pm.>

    The successes of these two features actually led Toho to plan a sequel titled “Continuation: Submersion of Japan”. The project would’ve reunited most of the main staff who worked on the first film. With director Shiro Moritani, special effects director Teruyoshi Nakano and producers Tomoyuki Tanaka and Osuamu Tanaka. The plot would’ve revolved around the Japanese population after fleeing Japan and its effect on various countries. Sadly, while some initial promotional material for this was made, the sequel itself never came to be.
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    Japan Sinks
    Working from home for the last few months has afforded me l the luxury of watching tv and movies while working. After seeing this post and being recommended the Netflix series I watched the original film version today. I must say it resonated with me and left me feeling quite down. I read parallels into it with what is going on in the USA at the moment. I feel as though we are sinking also, except our government is doing nothing to save any of us.
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