Michael K Williams, RIP

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    Jan 14, 2011
    Michael K Williams, RIP
    Crushing news to hear this world has been departed by Michael K Williams, and that we will never once again be blessed with his incredible talent on the screen. An actor extraordinaire, in every respect. For a show like The Wire, which has it's own thread here and we really don't need to pile any more accolades onto (fully earned), that is so incredibly respected and held up as some of the best examples of television to have been created - for him to craft a character like Omar so well, such that he immediately, and still to this day 20 years later, became a fan favourite, has to be seen as an indication of the man's incredible talent. He brought such passion and commitment, with incredible gravitas but also vulnerability, to his roles. I really feel genuine emotional responses watching his performances. I was absolutely thrilled to see him continue an epic series run on Boardwalk Empire. But in all honesty, any show or movie he was involved with was blessed to have him, and seeing him pop up on screen - more often than not as a complete surprise - immediately elevated whatever it was in my opinion. A career actor, and one who I don't think achieved great fame or wealth, but gave it his all; I think he really deserves far more attention than he has gotten. It is a honour to see other actors pay their respects now, and I hope that some of these messages were expressed to him during his life as well.

    Williams made no secret of his struggles with drugs, but it will be his lasting performances which will carry forward a legacy worthy of any actor in this century. Thank you Mr. Williams, for so many memorable deliveries. You were of a kind. I give you my respect, sincere thanks, and wishes for peaceful journey from here on.

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    Michael K Williams, RIP
    He was hands down my favourite character on The Wire (next to Bubbles) and he never disappointed in everything else he was a part of. Marc Maron has just re-upped the WTF he was on in tribute ...

    Hap & Leonard was one of the TV shows that particularly stood out for me. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it, its a bit of an underrated classic.
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    Michael K Williams, RIP
    Defintely a few tears at the spoons house this morning. He brought so much heart into this world.
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    Nov 23, 2010
    Michael K Williams, RIP
    Hap & Leonard is a great show. It's a bummer we didn't get a few more seasons of it.
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