Super7 Mission - Art of Atari: Delux Edition Signing/Release (11.15)

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    Super7 Mission - Art of Atari: Delux Edition Signing/Release (11.15)
    Super7, in partnership with The Museum of Video Game Art, will launch Art of Atari: Deluxe Edition at Super7’s Mission Location on Tuesday, November 15, 2016. The event brings together the celebrated specialty retail brand with author Tim Lapetino, who will be in the store signing copies. Art of Atari’s limited deluxe edition includes a frameable limited edition print by original Atari artist Cliff Spohn.


    Super7 is thrilled to announce a collaborative event with The Museum of Video Game Art (MOVA) for the launch of Art of Atari, a comprehensive retrospective of some of the most iconic images from the favorite 8-bit video game system. Marked with a special appearance from author Tim Lapetino, the event celebrates the landmark innovation that continues to act as a foundation for much of modern gaming, coupled with loving nostalgia for one of the most quintessential video game platforms in videogame history.

    Art of Atari is a staggering 350+ page volume that offers a critical history of Atari and the innovation that helped launch modern gaming. The stunning collection offers a look at the artwork that helped make the platform one of the most exciting landmarks in videogame history, with images depicting concept illustrations, video game packaging, and groundbreaking advertisements from the height of Atari’s popularity. Printed by Dynamite Entertainment, the launch will celebrate the Deluxe Edition, featuring a limited edition release that features a Deluxe Edition slipcase with a “Game Cartridge” cover design and a frameable, limited edition print featuring brand new artwork from legendary Atari artist Cliff Spohn.

    "This project grew out of my love for the original Atari 2600 box artwork. Ever since I was a kid, the Atari 2600 artwork captivated me, and that continued on into my adult career as a graphic designer and creative director,” said the book’s author, Lapetino. “I had always wondered who were the unsung creative folks behind the art and design I loved, and that became the nugget for this book."

    “We couldn’t be more excited to have Tim in the store signing copies for this special celebration,” said Daniel Sant, manager at the location in the Mission hosting the event. “Atari was a landmark for pop culture, and was a staple for so many. Looking back at some of the artwork still feels like a glimpse into a magical reality that eventually put gaming on the map.”

    In addition, the Deluxe Edition also comes with an Atari Vault Steam Key, giving Atari aficionados the chance to relive the Golden Age of Gaming with 100 of the most popular games, like Asteroids®,Centipede®, Missile Command®, and many more, now with online multiplayer capability.

    “Atari’s approach was really a product of its time,” said Lapetino. “There were no video game standards, so they borrowed from paperback novel covers, LP album art, and movie posters – and expanded upon it. Cliff Spohn’s art really served as a working template of how to approach the art, and they grew from there.”

    The book features artwork by original Atari artists like Cliff Spohn, Susan Jaekel, Rick Guidice, Hiro Kimura, Warren Chang, Terry Hoff and many others.

    Celebrate the release of Art of Atari at Super7 in San Francisco’s historic Mission District. The launch party will feature refreshments from Lagunitas Brewery, soft drinks and snacks, and will give gamers the chance to revel in the magic of everyone’s favorite 8-bit gaming platform. The launch takes place on Tuesday November 15, 2016 at 7:00p . Super7 is located at 3253 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103. For further information, please visit, or call the store at (415) 374-7190.


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