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    Dec 28, 2017
    New York
    "Hey, Bear."
    "Once this last one's done, what'll you do?"
    "You know man, what's your plan?"
    "Never much had one. City makes me nervous, sometimes I want to throw it all out and go back to the woods."
    "Sounds peaceful."
    "Then I remember a little more and decide I've seen enough woods for a lifetime. Screw it all. You?"
    "Remember that room we used to go after the shows, get good and drunk before we had to do it all again? White Rabbit? I'm gonna start a place like that, low-key but a little classy, dreamy. Dark wood bar, Bootsy Collins on the speakers."
    "Huh. You think you could fit Johnny Cash in there too?"
    "There's a thought."


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