Who are the site admins?

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    Who are the site admins?
    Who are the site admins?

    There are several site admins on skullbrain.org. The site admins are the people you should talk to if you have questions, concerns or are lost and cannot find the exit. Our admins are:

    Princess Fatima – content and tone moderator. If you get out of line, Princess Fatima will lock you down and put you in your place. Just hope it does not come to that.

    VintageVinyl – as his namesake implies, vintage vinyl specializes in older toys, but he can be found throughout the board. A fountain of knowledge and vinyl.

    Mutonismyfriend – actually, he is everybody’s friend. Muton (for short) is an expert on just about everything especially Secret Base and henshin cyborgs. If you make him mad, you will never be allowed back.

    Slack – Another expert in the field of toyology, Slack is available 24/7 and can be found all over cyber space, chances are that you have already met him.

    Pogue – infamous for being himself, even Pogue likes to poke the bear and stoke the fire sometimes (even when he knows better). Pogue is your go to guy for all things RealxHead, as well as just about everything else.

    Bryanarchy – Unlike his name, Bryan is here to keep the peace. Little did you know, he has been doing it for a while, and he is one of those guys who can always tell you where the "line" is.

    Locomoco – the post count king, Locomoco is here, there and everywhere. Chances are, if you have seen it here, so has he. Drop him a line when he is not playing Warcraft.

    BrianFlynn - the man behind the mask, or the guy behind the curtain. He probably knows the answer to your question, but it may take him a week to get back to you, as he is in a meeting at the moment. Rumor has it that Super7 is actually named after his shoe size.

    JoeBunny – part man, part maestro, the bunny is here to take care of business, and can tell you the latest Super7 news, even before we know it. Joe Bunny works at Super7 in San Francisco.

    Beyond – a.k.a. Lil’ Japan, a.k.a. Hiro-san, a.k.a. Hollywood Hiro, is the man behind the camera, and is available for commercials, light acting and product endorsement. Beyond works at Super7 in San Francisco.

    Joshuajh – a man with more than a pair of initials to his name, Joshuajh handles pre-orders, solicitations, requests, lists and all of your toy collecting needs. Joshuajh works at Super7 in San Francisco and rides a fancy bike.

    ChadHensley – a man with a thousand yard stare, he represents New Orleans yet is still in the loop of the latest S7FC news and info. Chad works for Super7 telepathically selling ads, writing copy, and generally keeping us on our toes.
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