to clean or not to clean?

Discussion in 'Vintage Vinyl' started by pickleloaf, Jun 21, 2007.

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    to clean or not to clean?
    @Alebrije that is good news! It's so frustrating agonizing over blurry photos, or toys photographed from certain angles, so you can't see the defect, or determine the degree of damage/blemish a figure has. I've had the same feelings, when a vintage toy arrives, and it's condition is a lot worse that what you saw in the auction photos. My Toy Angel gave me some great advice, and even though it's a fundamental truth, it's good to hear it and have a mental reminder, before hitting the "BID" button --->

    *wait for a toy in good condition, and be ready to spend more for it, rather than buy a toy cheaply, in less than acceptable condition

    It's so easy to go after a vintage toy, and then suffer buyer's remorse later, when it arrives in poor condition, after you've shelled out all that moolah. I'm much pickier these days about buying vintage toys. Experience (and my Toy Angel! :D) has taught me that patience really pays, and do your homework! (or in my case, have a really good Toy Angel! ;))
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