Top 5 Toy Scores 2018

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    Top 5 Toy Scores 2018
    No vintage toys in this photo, as I enjoyed @JMRampage and @Paulkaiju customs in 2018, and the M1GO Hawaiian Hedorah DX towers over this pink quintet:


    The Rampage ShodaiGoji has been a lot of fun to collect this last year. I really love the sculpt and how posable it is. Also, the blue goji Kumon was another favorite that should have been in my top five, and is the first Shirahama spider to join my collection. The Sutfin collab Kumon from DCon looks outstanding from all the photos being posted here, and had my favorite header artwork from last year. Congrats to all those who scored one. Thank you to everyone who shares information, photos, and stories on this forum. Looking forward to reading more posts in 2019.

    -edit: Sunguts fourth form ShinGoji as well, what a beast. Thinking of a second round already...
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